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Leg Swelling and Leg Pain


Leg Swelling and Leg Pain occurs as the varicose vein and the vein valves become more abnormal. The poorly functioning valves allow blood to flow backward, which causes pooling in the veins. Symptoms can include aching, cramping, tired legs, swelling, heaviness, restless legs, and itching. The pooling causes increased pressure inside the veins. This increased pressure causes the veins to stretch becoming “leaky,” allowing the fluid inside the veins to leak outside the vein into the surrounding tissues causing swelling. The swelling will then lead create achy sensation with associated pain and heaviness. Leg pain is caused not only from the effects of swelling but also from the effects of congestion or pooling in the muscles. The discomfort of both leg swelling and leg pain can be improved with compression stockings or possibly treated with endovenous laser or radiofrequency ablation.

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