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Leg Ulcers


When venous disease and blood pooling becomes severe, venous stasis ulcers can occur in the skin. These ulcers usually occur around the ankles and are thought to be caused from long-standing “water logging” or pooling from blood congestion in the affected leg.

Long standing congestion is suspected to cause obstruction in the blood flow, which then causes changes in the skin pressure. These changes cause the oxygen levels in that area to become decreased. With the blood flow obstruction and the decreased oxygen levels, skin ulcers begin to form. These venous ulcers can be painful, and treatment can be lengthy and frustrating.

In many cases, if a varicose vein is diagnosed and considered a cause for the venous ulcer, treating the varicose vein with endovenous laser ablation will help redirect the blood flow, relieve the venous congestion, and improve the leg ulcer.

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