As we all prepare to take on this invisible threat, our team at AMI has been working diligently to make sure you have access to surgical care. Through Tele-Surgery, we are prepared to continue our patient visits and consultations using a secure HIPPA compliant web-based media platform. All our surgeons and physician assistants will be able to connect directly with you, face to face, to discuss and review any concerns you may have. If you need to be seen, this can be discussed through our Tele-Surgery platform and a one-one visit can be arranged in the office within 24-48hr period.


AMI Hydration

IV Nutritional Therapy maximizes the delivery of the essential nutrients that are required for our bodies to function optimally. Water, electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids are critical to support the thousands of processes that occur in our bodies every day.

With IV administration, these critical nutrients bypass the digestive system and directly access the bloodstream where they can be completely absorbed and utilized.

At AMISurgery, one of our practitioners will work with you to formulate a therapy specific to you. Therapies are administered in the comfort and privacy of a spa setting. Depending on the therapy, bloodwork may be required, and the length of treatment will vary according to the therapy and patient.

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