As we all prepare to take on this invisible threat, our team at AMI has been working diligently to make sure you have access to surgical care. Through Tele-Surgery, we are prepared to continue our patient visits and consultations using a secure HIPPA compliant web-based media platform. All our surgeons and physician assistants will be able to connect directly with you, face to face, to discuss and review any concerns you may have. If you need to be seen, this can be discussed through our Tele-Surgery platform and a one-one visit can be arranged in the office within 24-48hr period.


Endovenous Laser Ablation is a minimally invasive procedure using duplex ultrasound to map out the saphenous vein and then a laser emitting energy to seal it shut. Thermal Ablation (heat) causes the contraction and permanent eradication of the varicosed vein. This treatment not only provides pain free relief for uncomfortable and unsightly varicose veins but also requires a shorter recovery time without scarring. This procedure is very effective and is performed in one office visit using local anesthesia. There is no down time and produces successful results that are permanent.

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