As we all prepare to take on this invisible threat, our team at AMI has been working diligently to make sure you have access to surgical care. Through Tele-Surgery, we are prepared to continue our patient visits and consultations using a secure HIPPA compliant web-based media platform. All our surgeons and physician assistants will be able to connect directly with you, face to face, to discuss and review any concerns you may have. If you need to be seen, this can be discussed through our Tele-Surgery platform and a one-one visit can be arranged in the office within 24-48hr period.


Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass is the most commonly performed weight loss procedure. Its success in achieving rapid weight loss comes from being both a restrictive procedure (reducing the size of the stomach through stomach stapling) in combination with a malabsorption procedure (stapling and re-routing a portion of the intestines). This way the stomach is reduced in size, and parts of the small intestine, where a majority of the calories are absorbed, are bypass.

More importantly, by bypassing portions of the intestinal tract, vital changes in the body occur, often times eliminating many of the associated obesity co-morbidities (example: diabetes, high blood pressure, joint and back pain).

The actual surgery takes approximately 3 hours and most patients will stay in the hospital for 2-3 days.  Recovery times vary, but patients generally return to work and normal activities within 2 weeks. Because the surgery uses laparoscopic techniques, patients experience less post-operative pain, recover quicker, and return to normal activities sooner in comparison to other forms of surgery. The gastric bypass surgery is an irreversible procedure and unlike the Lap-Band does not require in office adjustments.

After gastric bypass surgery our patients are placed on a specific diet which enables them to lose weight in a safe manner without compromising the healing process. Weight loss can be noticed in a matter of weeks or even days.  All bypass patients are required to take lifelong supplements/vitamins, but to help our patients, we  provide specific guidelines thereby eliminating the guess work.

Rest assured that our team is committed to helping you achieving lifelong results. We are prepared to work with you before, during, and after your procedure to ensure that the weight comes off and stays off.

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